James P Howard

Cardiology trainee in London

I'm a Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow and cardiology registrar at Imperial College London.

Some of my key publications are listed below; others are visible on my Google Scholar profile and CV.

Finally, I'm an amateur yet avid programmer and Pythonista. Some of my source code is available here on my GibHub.


Machine learning in cardiology

My PhD focuses on using (convolutional) neural networks in cardiac imaging. My interests mainly include plain X-ray and echocardiography.


Other links to my work

  • Identify pacemakers online - Website
  • BARD ECG labeller - GitHub
  • Keras data generator for 3D ConvNets - GitHub

Renal denervation

I've written a few meta-analyses on renal denervation over the years which have been covered by Forbes Magazine, Motley Fool et cetera.
In summary, don't bother using office blood pressure if you're unblinded, even if you have a control group


  • Quantifying the 3 biases that plague denervation trials - Circ outcomes
  • Putting the hype in hypertension - BMJ
  • The CONVERGE analysis - predicted the effect size of Symplicity 3 - Heart

Coronary physiology analysis

A recent publication by our group required complex coronary waveform analysis. I created an open source python program for this


  • Impact of PCI on exercise - JACC

Other links to my work

  • Physiology analysis software source code - GitHub

Stem cells

Our meta-analysis showing the benefit from cardiac stems cells is alarmingly well correlated to trial quality. Winner of UK Research Paper of the Year



Other meta-analyses

I'm frequently a co-author on studies where due to my familiarity with meta-analysis



Google Scholar metrics

Total publications: 100

Total citations: 3231

H-index: 26


A bit more about my education, training and research interests to date.


My website covering the most important trials in cardiovascular medicine. Depressingly out of date.

Imperial eJournals for Chrome

Adds a button to the address bar in Chrome to allow quick access to journals via the College Library's eJournal system

Quick guide to R

Some basic stats to help myself for those awful situations where I can't use Python